Welcome to Takanawa!

      On behalf of the organizing committee, I am thrilled to welcome you to Takanawa, Tokyo for 2012 Annual Meeting of Society of Indoor Environment, Japan (SIEJ 2012). This meeting provides an interdisciplinary forum to discuss about the indoor environmental problems, and educational experiences with an outstanding display of laboratory products and other services. The main theme of this meeting is “Knowledge communication beyond borders”. Factors affecting the quality of indoor environment have been being so complex and diverse. So, we have to gather and share knowledge to develop a healthy and comfortable living environment. Researchers, engineers, policy makers, students, non-professionals and others are welcome for the meeting. Don’t miss the many social and educational opportunities that SIEJ 2012 has to offer. Conference venue is in Takanawa campus of Tokai University in Tokyo. The campus is a best place for overseas participants, because it locates close to the Shinagawa station which is directly connected to international airports by rail and limousine, and major Japanese cities by a bullet train, Shinkansen.
      Thanks for attending SIEJ 2012, and I hope you enjoy the days!

Signature of chair

Prof. Yoshika Sekine, Ph.D
Chair of 2012 Annual Meeting of SIEJ
Photo of chair