〇Payment of presentation application, attendance, and banquet fees

Fee for presentation application
JPY 1,000 per a presentation
Fee for attendance
Regular members: JPY 5,000
Student members: JPY 1,000
Non-members: JPY 8,000
Student non-members: JPY 3,000
Note: All fees include tax and the charge for a copy of the proceedings. (A single copy of the proceedings without attendance is JPY 3,000.) The public lecture and open assembly are free.
Fee for banquet
JPY 5,000 per a person (@"Comedor" in Takanawa campus, Tokai University)
If you will be coming from outside Japan to attend the meeting, please contact us regarding payment options.
Payment deadline
By October 31, 2012
Applications to attend the meeting or to join the banquet will also be accepted on the day of the meeting, but we encourage early submission of applications. Non-members who apply in advance will receive their copy of the proceedings at the reception desk on the day of the meeting.